Let’s Ask for a Big Robot Warframe!

new-warframe-big-robot If you want to someday – convince (maybe? lol) Digital Extremes to design a new warframe based on a BIG ROBOT! Maybe based on Optmus Prime, or anything on that style, then spread this post around! :D

Color Ideas for your Warframes, Sentinels and Kubrows

color-ideas-news After Update 18.0.0 you can also Personalize your Tenno. You can personalize a lot of features, like the color of hair, eyes, accessories, clothing, armor, even the voice and sex.

Weapon Strategy Builds

weapon-strategy-builds I love the Dragon Nikana, probably one of the coolest looking swords of the game (in my opinion), hence here it is an average strong build for it. Mainly dealing Viral Damage, with the use of only one Forma.

Warframe Strategy Builds

warframe-strategy-builds This build is recommended for Sortie missions, though a strong primary weapon is highly necessary.

Quest | The New Strange

quest-the-new-strange To start this quest, travel to any Relay, enter the Sanctuary and talk to Cephalon Simaris.

Quest | Patient Zero

quest-patient-zero The quest Patient Zero is the pathway to get the warframe Mesa. However, it may take a little while to collect Mutalist Assassinate Alad V Keys – these are given as rewards from alert missions.

Quest | Hidden Messages

quest-hidden-messages To unlock this quest you must purchase the Hidden Message Blueprint in the market and craft it. It uses 4 Oxium (drops in any Coprus mission, best from Defense in Venus), 5 Argon Crystals (drops from any Defense Void missions), and 1 Orokin Cipher (drops from Orokin Vaults in any Orokin Derelict Exterminate missions, ask for Vault Runs on the in-game recruiting chat).

Quest | The Limbo Theorem

quest-the-limbo-theorem To start this quest, first purchase the Limbo Theorem Blueprint from the market. It is not hard to find the components, with the exception of two Argon Crystals – these you can get by playing any +10-20 minutes Defense Void missions.

Trinity Prime | Warframe

trinity-prime-news Trinity is great for players who prefer a supportive role. Warframes with healing technologies are rare making Trinity a great equalizer when the odds are stacked against the Tenno.

Nova Prime | Warframe

nova-prime-news Nova Prime uses electromagnetic energy to contain and control highly volatile antimatter that fuels her abilities.

Ash Prime | Warframe

ash-prime-news Ash Prime is great for players looking for a more stealthy approach to combat. Lethal abilities are complemented by powers of distraction.

Equinox | Warframe

equinox-news Equinox warframe…

Atlas | Warframe

atlas-warframe Atlas warframe…

Wukong | Warframe

wukong-warframe A primal warrior with the heart of a trickster. This is Wukong, the enduring, the swift. Everybody’s got something to hide, Tenno. Except Wukong.

Ivara | Warframe

ivara-news Ivara warframe …

Nezha | Warframe

nezha-news A petite and playful facade conceals this frame’s immense power. This is Nezha, the protector, the quick. Feel the heat, Tenno. Nezha is a burning thing, and he makes a fiery ring.

Excalibur Umbra | Warframe

excalibur-umbra-news Excalibur Umbra is probably one of the most desired warframes by hardcore fans of the game! The excitement goes deeper, as he looks similar to the founder’s exclusive Excalibur Prime – a character bought by players who funded the game a few years ago…

Void Keys Drop Locations | Farming Void Keys

void-keys-news We all feel the hardship when farming for Prime Parts, specially the ones that drop on Tower IV Voids, such a rare key to own. Here you will find the best locations to farm for these keys so you can use it to finally find your prime warframe or weapon.

Diriga | Sentinel

sentinel-diriga The blueprint of the Diriga can be bought for 100.000 credits. It takes 24 hours to build, comes with a Vulklok (weapon) and three ability mods.

Prisma Shade | Sentinel

prisma-shade-news The Prisma Shade can be acquired from the Void Trader Baro ki’teer for 300.000 credits and 500 Ducats. It takes 24 hours to build, comes with a Prisma Burst Laser (Pistol Weapon) and two ability mods.

Carrier Prime | Sentinel

carrier-prime Vacuum: Detects and collects items throughout the room for its master, including mods.

Quest: The Archwing

quest-the-archwing To acquire your first archwing (Odonata) you must first start the quest: The Archwing. You must have Mastery Rank 2 or higher to begin the quest. Once you are of such rank, the Lotus will send an inbox message with the Odonata Blueprint as an attachment.

Quest: Howl of the Kubrow

news10Quest: Howl of the Kubrow – Learn everything there is to know about the Quest: Howl of the Kubrow.

Prime Gear Drop Locations

prime-drop-locations Latron Prime Stock is not included in the Frost Prime drop tables – it is available as a special Alert that will be up from now until January 5th. Everyone can run it once to get their Latron Prime Stock. These drop tables are in effect until January 5th.

All we know about the Cat Kubrows, Catbrows, Katbrows

warframe-cat-katbrows-kubrows A few months ago, the developers of Warframe (DE) revealed the visuals of the upcoming Cat Kubrow (aka: Katbrow, Catbrow).

Redeem your Mystery Code: SNIPER!

second-dream2 Another big update “The Second Dream” is on the way, check the DE preview page here.

New Warframe: Wukong!

wukong-warframeWukong, the enduring, the swift, is available now! With the heart of a trickster, he is an unrestrained primal warrior.

All Previous Deluxe Skins are now Available

rhino-deluxe2 All previous skins are now available: Saryn Orphid Skin, Nyx Nemesis Skin, Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin, Valkyr Gersemi Skin and Rhino Palatine Skin.

Tenno Reinforcements: Mios

mios Get your new melee Mios at the Bio Research Lap in the Dojo! You will need a few mutagen masses! Designed by community member RedSkittlez, the Mios is a bone-forged sword that includes a tendon-whip to distract and maim the enemy.

A Deluxe Skin is Now Available: Saryn Orphid Skin

saryn-deluxe-skin2 Saryn Revisited gives the toxic Saryn a lot of love with a brand-new deluxe skin, Sugatra, and a weapon skin that puts a floral touch on the deadly Dual Zoren.

Movember is Back! Health Awareness for Men

moustache4 The stache is back! Digital Extremes is proud to announce its partnership with the Movember Foundation and participation in Movember, the annual month-long celebration of the moustache to help raise awareness for men’s health issues. With more than $676 million dollars raised globally, The Movember Foundation aims to help men live happier, healthier, and longer lives by addressing both physical and mental health issues.

Alert Mission: Celebrate Halloween with Warframe!

happyhalloween Don’t miss this special unique Halloween Alert mission, fight against an infested army, among pumpkin paths and a deadly Pumpkin king boss! Be rewarded with a Stratos Emblem and Catalyst!

Halloween Goodies!

halloween-goodies2 Don’t miss these Halloween Goodies! A free pumpkin head and color pallet! Plus Weapon, Ship and Capes with the holiday theme!

New Melee Weapon: The Cerata

new-melee-weapon-cerata Give your enemies a taste of Infestation from afar with the Cerata. Ancient strains of technocyte within the weapon make it a potent threat to armored targets.

Tenno Reinforcements: Twin Basolk

newweapon1 The Twin Basolk are nasty little hatchets that slice through steel as if it were flesh and the Ignis gets a completely new look!

Weapon Changes: Boar (Primary weapon)

boar-revisited2 You can now find the blueprint of the Boar (primary weapon) by killing Dreekar Troopers (image above). This being the only way to acquire the weapon.


"Ordis has been ea- GETTING
patiently for your
return, Operator!"
~ Ordis.

"Operator, you have foundry items ready- CLAIM THEM NOWW! -at your earliest convenience."
~ Ordis.

"Operator, you are leaving the battle. If you continue any further, I will be forced to extract you and this mission will be a failure!"
~ Ordis.

"Operator, you have returned! I am Ordis, ship cephalon, a shadow of my former self. I cannot serve the Operator in such a condition. Order me to self-destruct, I will understand."
~ Ordis.

"Lllook at this mmmess. Those sssavagesss. Components have been removed. The lower orbiter compartments have no life-support. Why did the Operator abandon me?"
~ Ordis.

"You honor Ordis, nnnow I can supply the Operator with better moderate firepower. Oh, the violation! Those have been looted as well."
~ Ordis.

"Operator, I've linked the mod segment to your arsenal now, no need to thank me. UUUPGRADE YOUR WARFRAME NOW. Go to the arsenal to see the weapon upgrade options you have."
~ Ordis.

"Foundry restored. Here, the Operator will craft many powerful weapons and tools to- EXACT REVENGE FOR DISMANTLING ME! -to expand your arsenal."
~ Ordis.

"Ordis patiently awaits compliance in using the new arsenal features. It is for the Operator's own good."
~ Ordis.

"An excellent find, Operator. There are hundreds of these mods to locate. If my calculations are correct there are exactly... a lot of possibilities. Install the mod before we can continue."
~ Ordis.

"Hello, Operator? May I suggest you access navigation and save your life? For my sake."
~ Ordis.

"Ordis will gladly assist the Operator in- CUTTING A BLOODY PATH -in what ever mission they choose."
~ Ordis.

"Oh. Did it have to be Mercury? The heat drives me- Solar rail navigation to Mercury enabled, Operator."
~ Ordis.

"An Incubator Segment? You want to turn me into a petting zzzoo? Ordis is happy to assist the Operator restoring ship functionality."
~ Ordis.

"Joy. An Incubator. The only segment Ordis is glad th- THE SAVAGES- looted. I would be happy to help you install it."
~ Ordis.

"Do not be taken by it's adorable appearance. It means to leak and smear all over my pristine insides!"
~ Ordis.

"Operator, you will remember to care for the beast won't you? Ordis doesn't care either way- do I?"
~ Ordis.

"Operator, did you enjoy that poem? Ordis is composing one as well. It begins: A scumbag Corpus from Venusss..."
~ Ordis.

"The Operator has all the necessary blueprints to craft an Archwing- SO WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR?"
~ Ordis.

"Hail the Great Dragonlord!"